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NDB Advisory PCI Compliance: Mandatory for all Merchants

PCI Compliance: Mandatory for all Merchants

Want to know who PCI DSS compliance affects? Well, regardless of how small you are or the minimal amount of transactions you conduct, all merchants are required to be Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

For questions regarding compliance validation requirements and deadlines as well as compliance reporting requirements, NDB Advisory recommends that you contact your acquirer for more details and specifics. One only has to see the seriousness that many states are taking, such as Minnesota, which codified the PCI standards into actual law with the Plastic Card Security Act, to illustrate the broad and expansive measures unfolding in the payments industry. Merchants can range anywhere from small businesses to large online retailers, such as Amazon.com. Please note, this does not mean that all merchants have to hire PCI QSA for purposes of conducting a PCI DSS assessment. Rather, a large number of merchants can conduct a PCI DSS self-assessment. Again, check with your acquirer, or also give NDB Advisory a call to discuss your needs.

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