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Why you need a PCI DSS Readiness Assessment

Why start with a PCI DSS Readiness Assessment? Because of the complexities and efforts required in meeting PCI DSS compliance, organization's that are new to the payments industry requirements would greatly benefit from a PCI DSS Readiness Assessment. An in-depth series of self-guided questionnaires for preparing your organization for compliance, the readiness assessment is a must for helping understand scope, deficiencies within your existing security infrastructure, while helping lay the groundwork for successful compliance with the PCI DSS framework. Moreover, the readiness assessments are conducted off-site, thus minimizing disruption to your operations. Better yet, these series of self-guided questionnaires can be easily completed on your own time. You don't go from first to third without a pit stop at second, the same holds true for PCI DSS compliance. Ensuring a successful assessment for all your PCI needs requires a structured process, beginning with a PCI DSS Readiness Assessment.

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